Exposed Aggregates:
Ewing Concrete

Exposed aggregate finishes are perfect for patios, driveways, walkways, in bands or fields, and many other flatwork applications. Properly placed exposed aggregate concrete, in either bands or fields, contrasts beautifully with colored, scored, sawcut, stamped, or textured finishes. Timing is critical in exposing aggregate both in how soon the concrete can be "seeded"; and in the timing of exposing the aggregates - if the water or chemical method is being used. Cleaning exposed aggregate concrete soon (after 2 weeks) is important to remove any cement paste residue and brighten the exposed aggregates. Sealing exposed aggregate concrete with a clear coating, consisting of acrylic resins, brings out the natural color of the aggregates. Exposed Aggregate are complicated jobs requiring experts like us. You can trust that your aggregate finish will come out right.


Concrete projects involve more than just pouring and paving. We recognize this at Ewing Concrete. Avoiding buckling, cracking, and settling requires a careful evaluation of the ground area, use of proper subgrades, reinforcements, and curing techniques. Modern concrete work also involves expertise in color stamping and exposed aggregates. With over 35 years of combined experience, we can assure your project will come out like a piece of art; because we master the art of concrete.
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